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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration process at is free and very easy. Simply follow these steps to become a member on and start searching your life partner.

  1. Click Here to open registration page.
  2. Fill out all basic information (Please note that all the fields are mandatory).
  3. Click "Register" button, that's it!

An email containing your user and password will be sent to you.

Yes this is absolutely allowed to create profile on behalf of friend, relative, brother, or sister etc.

On registration page you can see this field, just select the appropriate option and click register.

Registration at is absolutely free of charge. Simply Register your account and start searching your better half. Beside that we have some "Premium Packages", if you wish to acquire any one of them or want to upgrade from free membership to premium then Click Here. Premium Members have some extra privileges i.e. Send/Receive Message, Express Interests and upload more profile photos.

Yes, you can delete/close your account and reactivate/reopen it.

In that case you need to contact us and unsuspend your account. Kindly allow us 24 hours to complete this action.

There can be several reasons of inactivity of your account, some of them would be:-

  1. You have registered on but your account is not yet approved.
  2. You have violated our Terms and Conditions.
  3. Some members have reported your profile.

In any of above case we suggest you to please Contact Us so that we can look into this issue and revert back to you with solution.

We allow only one profile per person, we do believe that you will get the best match with a single profile. We have restricted in our system that an email and a mobile number can only be used once.

However, if you want to make additional profile for your friend, relative or sibling, you can do it by using different email address.

Yes, it is necessary to fill out all the necessary fields in order to complete your profile. Mandatory fields are required, so that other members can get to know better about you and take decision.

Register yourself and meet your life partner.

We have tried to add all major and necessary options in relevant fields, but still if you think that your required option is not listed, then you can choose "Other" option from dropdown menu.

Otherwise you can send us email on and request us to add your required option. We will try to insert your requested option in our form ASAP.

To eradicate fake profiles, we have decided to remove password field from Registration Form. A system generated password will be sent to your email id after registering your account.

Yes, it is possible to change your password. Just follow these simple steps:-

  1. Login to your profile with username and password provided to your email at the time of registration.
  2. Go to your profile/dashboard
  3. On the left hand side there is an option all the way down to your profile page "Change Password"
  4. In the first field, enter the password that you received in your email.
  5. In the second and third filed enter your desired password.

Remember that second and third field should be same.

This error shows that an account already exist with your email, if this email is really yours and you did not create the account then you should email us on and Report us this issue.

The second option is that, you can go to the Login Page and click on "Recover Password". Enter your email.

We will send you an email containing your new password. Use this password to login in your account.

You can recover password with these simple steps:

Go to Login Page.
Click on "Recover Password".
Enter your email address and press "Submit" button.

Here you go! Now, we will send you a Password Reset Email containing your new password. Use this password to login in your account.

Currently this option is disabled to avoid fake contact details. Therefore, we advise you to please enter your correct phone number at the time of registering your account.

And if it is really necessary to change the phone number, you can request us through an email at Please don't forget to mention your member id, your old and new phone number. If you will be failed to provide aforementioned detail, we regret to tell you that we will not be able to change phone number from your account.

After registering a new account, kindly allow us 24 hours to activate your account.

To register a new account please Click Here.

No, it is necessary to Register on in order to search and contact your desired member.

Registered members can review other member's profile and see all the details except those details which are hidden by the member himself/herself.

Yes, you can hide your desired detail i.e. Photos, Phone Number, Email Address and so on at and upon another member's request you can unhide it.

When you will register on you will have free membership plan by default, free membership plan has limited privileges.

To avail Premium privileges i.e. Send/Receive Messages, Express Interest and upload more photos etc. you should acquire one of our Premium Packages whichever suits you.

Currently we have secure online payment options, you can pay with your debit/credit card of any bank around the globe, through PayPal and Strip payment options. is completely secure, to assure our members security and satisfaction, we have invested more for extra security layers.

We wish you all the best for finding your potential life partner at We would be glad to hear your success story of finding your better half from this platform.

  • You can add your success story by Clicking Here or
  • Login in to your account, go to your profile page, on the left side of page, there is an option for submitting your success story.

We always encourage and request our members to share their success stories with us to motivate other members.

Kindly allow us 24 hours to activate your account. In case if you did not receive any email from then we suggest you to please Click Here and send us your issue.

Currently most of our users are from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, whereas we currently have users from more than 50 countries including United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia and Malaysia.